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Sam’s story

Established in 2011 working from the back of a fully equipped van with nothing more than a massive love for dogs and a boat load of ambition, Sam’s Woof Wash quickly evolved into a fully booked mobile service a studio in Warmley.

At this point I became we, as I slowly grew my perfect team.

Opening up job opportunities and becoming a place for young adults to train it felt like I was on a rollercoaster with only one ending, which was success.

Moving to Hambrook in 2017 due to the current location being sold was a worrying time for me, we quickly settled down and grew an even bigger customer base and a bigger team with more training opportunities.

As an individual I have always had a place in my heart for charity.

As a child I donated my time to the elderly and this has developed into fund raising for a puppy pen in Romania, paying vet bills and always donating our services to any rescue in need, it wont stop there!

The founder of the donkey sanctuary Elisabeth Svendsen is an inspiration to me, if I can achieve just half of what she has there won’t be a box unticked on my ambition sheet!

2020 has certainly been an eye opener, a time that’s made the world appreciate the smallest of things, which for me, is the great outdoors and the service I provided back when it all started.

Having the mobile service over lockdown saved us, not only did it keep us in business but it also kept myself and team motivated and helped us have some sort of normality.

Coming back to the studio in May really shook me, I couldn’t put my finger on it at first!

Sam with a happy groomed dog

A few weeks went by and I realised what was missing…Freedom, the connection with the dogs that I groom.

I realised the studio was so busy it had taken all the things away from me that I loved the most. That feeling made me question the service I was giving to you.

It wasn’t the 100% undivided attention to your dogs that I had always worked so hard to give so I decided it was time for change, to strip the business back to it’s bones and bring back all those feelings I loved the most and give back the undivided attention your dog deserves.

So in September I announced to the team we are going mobile!

They are super excited to experience the times I talk about the most and cannot wait to build relationships with your dogs and have that bond a dog groomer should have with the dogs we groom.

As of 26th March 2021 we will have 2 fully equipment mobile vans on the road, with a soon to be third when Olivia has some years experience under her belt.

I am so excited to be putting our studio on wheels, all we need from you is a place to park and an electric point…and a dog of course!


Meet Liv

Being part of Sam’s Woof Wash is an amazing opportunity, working together as a team to make a difference to the dogs.

I have always had a passion and love for animals, so working with them every day is a dream come true. I love that we all put the dogs first and there needs are the only thing that matters.

There is always a variety of different jobs to do and No day is the same.

Every day I learn something new so I am able to build on my skills.

You know you love your job when it doesn’t feel like work. Liv xx


Meet Teela

I started grooming in September 2015 just when I was 16 years old so I have now been grooming for 6 years. They say time flies by when you are having fun!

Learning to groom for me was a very long and tough road. Whilst Grooming wasn’t something that came naturally to me the love and passion for dogs did. Being taught how to groom was a difficult experience and I have had to push through every limit to get to where I am today.

Being a dog groomer is rewarding and although not glamorous it brings a real piece of satisfaction knowing that I have created those ‘before and after’ photos.

I get covered in hair, water, shampoo but that’s what makes me love the job even more! As long as the dogs are happy, clean and looking beautiful when they leave that’s all that matters.

I enjoy every minute whilst being at work, I get to create new friends every day and build up a relationship and bond with your pets. Every day is a new day as I am constantly learning and improving my knowledge of dogs behaviour and different styles of grooming.

I am so excited to be heading out on the road on our new mobile service adventure!

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