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Sam’s story

I have always been a passionate animal lover especially when it comes to dogs. After years of working various jobs that never quite fulfilled me i decided to follow my heart and turn my love for dogs into a career.

In 2011 Sam’s Woof Wash was established, as a 1-2-1 dog grooming service that would later become my dream come true. Over the years Sam’s Woof Wash has grown from a small business being just me to a thriving business that’s raised incredible amounts for charity and provided qualifications to young people. As well as creating my perfect team. But for me, it’s never been just a business the days roll into one, it’s not work it’s about the dogs, building relationships along with making them feel fresh! To me, each dog I groom is an individual with a unique personality and different needs. I take the time to get to know each dog and build a trusting relationship with them. For me, this is what makes being a dog groomer more than just a job.

Here at Sams Woof Wash, we believe dogs are not just pets they are beloved members of families it’s important to me that each dog is treated like our own. So providing them with a comfortable and stress-free grooming experience is an essential part of our service. I take pride in my work and ensure each dog looks and feels their very best after a grooming session.

Aside from my work at sams woof wash I am also an active advocate for animal welfare. I’ve volunteered at local animal shelters and work to promote responsible pet ownership in my community. Charity is something that has a special place in my heart my love and dedication have earned me the respect and admiration of my customers and colleagues. For anyone who does or doesn’t know me, I have changed the structure of Sam’s Woof Wash many times from a studio in Warmley to Hambrook to mobile and back again. I aim to please and want to be able to provide all services possible to be able to groom your dogs.

Here I am in 2023 with a new studio in my very own peaceful place called home, two mobile units on the road, and our very own superwoman keeping us all in check, and our customers happy.



Firstly the woman behind the scenes, Martice.

Now managing all of your enquiries, and bookings, and managing the team at Sams Woof Wash.

Since having Martice as part of the team we’ve grown as a business and our customer service and response time to inquiries are excelling every day, after 12 years of business and a handful of rotating staff she’s everything we’ve been missing.

The next question is…. How do we grow as a business from what we already are?

Martice<br />


Now having two vans on the road you will find in our newest van, Olivia.

Olivia has 5 years of experience and oodles of passion to succeed. Olivia has a heart full of ambition. She excels in everything she does.

Olivia always puts the dogs first, with the knowledge she picked up from me theres no stopping this girl. Got a doodle….. Olivias your girl.

Olivia’s understanding of the different needs of dogs is fantastic, her knowing when to stop, when to be calm, and when to reassure your dog makes me really proud, she’s everything I want my member of staff to be.



In our oldest van, but not the original you’ll find our newest member of staff, Zoe. Zoe’s happy tones and passion for dogs blow me away.

Zoe reminds me very much of myself, nothing phases her, her soft tones, calm approach, and love of dogs make her perfect for those more nervous dogs. Dogs that need that extra bit of TLC.

Zoe smashes her everyday challenges. We often wake up to very positive feedback thanking Zoe for all her efforts.

What more can I ask for? Yet another perfect member of my team.


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