A well groomed dog is a happy dog!

Grooming isn’t all about maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness and hygeine and it is certainly not just about keeping your dog good-looking. Grooming is about maintaining both your dog’s physical health as well as her appearance.

We always suggest beginning training your dog to get used to grooming while they are still a puppy because if you wait too long to begin a grooming session, your puppy may not really like or agree to it later on, especially when it comes to ear cleaning and nail clipping which can tend to upset some dogs if they are not used to it.

It is especially important for long-haired dogs, who would require more intense grooming sessions as compared to short-haired dogs. It takes more time to brush their long fur and they will need to get used to staying still for this starting at an early age. That is not to say dogs with short, clipped fur do not require grooming as some short haired dogs can be quite hard work…trust me!

Why it is beneficial to my dog

Brushing is beneficial for all kinds of dogs no matter what breed they are, helping to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. Regular brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in the dog’s fur and as you brush, the natural oils are spread all over your puppy’s fur giving the coat a healthy sheen.

You can begin grooming a puppy when they are as young as three weeks old. Some breeders will even begin acquainting their puppies with groomers such as Sams Woof Wash before they go to their new homes so that by the time they are picked up by their owners, they are already used to it.

Another benefit of grooming is that it allows you to check your dog for any abnormalities, such as skin problems like ticks, fleas and dry patches, or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes such as infection or inflammation. When found at an early stage, these problems can be treated right away, before they have a chance to become more serious.

Grooming helps keep your dog happy and healthy, gives you and your dog a time that is set aside just for the two of you, and helps you to save on veterinary bills. So don’t delay, start grooming your puppy early.

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