Exciting news…sams Woof Wash have been nominated for Englands Business Awards!

But we are going to need your help in getting some nominations, so please can you spare the time to nominate for us.

What are the awards for?

Englands Business Awards came from a background of filming award ceremonies for local councils and the government. The idea for an independent cross boundary competition came into being, with its guiding principal being that it remains independent of all bodies and organisations with no sponsors and existing only to serve the competition.

They add that no other business competition goes further! There are many business awards out there but they are one of the few who actually visit your premises in person. It’s a great showcase for local businesses like Sams Woof Wash.

Business Nominations

Businesses can be nominated at any time throughout the year. When the regional awards begin we will call out and discuss your nomination with you. Any business can be nominated.

So please, please can you spare us 2 minutes to add your nomination by clicking the button below. I would really like to thank you for your time 😉